The newly built “Bockenheim Culture Campus” on the former AfE site in Frankfurt am Main is intended to in future combine a mixed use of living, working and cultural establishments. As an infill and sustainable urban development project the building complex “One Forty West” by Cyrus Moser Architects, consisting of a 140-metre high tower with hotel and residential use, a 100-metre high tower with offices as well as a day nursery and a small free-standing building will enhance and revitalise the new Culture Campus. The striking spatial configuration of the high residential tower block imparts plain urban elegance. The façade of glass is plain and smooth, in the upper area broken up by the offset arrangement of the balconies. So that the apartments can be developed and implemented according to the wishes of the residents, the balcony system is designed to be adaptable. A wide view over the city, the Main and the Taunus is included in the apartments. From an urban development viewpoint, because of the opening of the block perimeter development, the new construction harmonises with its environment and fits carefully into it. In addition, skilled path routing enables the creation of new connections and the opening up of the new building is organised via prestige main entrances from the centre of the complex outwards.Completion of the high-rise complex is scheduled for 2020.